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The Reality of Viral News: Debunking the Myth of a Sex Championship in Sweden

A recent viral news story circulating on the internet claimed that Sweden would be hosting a sex championship in June, creating a buzz across various platforms. The news, initially shared on Twitter, quickly spread to numerous news outlets. According to the report, the event was said to kick off on June 8 and last for several weeks, with participants competing for six hours each day. However, it has been confirmed that this news is entirely false.

Goterborgs-Posten, a Swedish news outlet, has debunked the story and clarified that the proposed sex championship was actually rejected back in April of this year. The outlet reported that the Federation of Sex in Sweden, headed by Dragan Bractic, had called for the organization of such a championship to emphasize the physical and mental health benefits of sexual activities.

However, the federation’s application to become a member of the National Sports Confederation was denied, as stated in Goterborgs-Posten’s April 26 report. The chief of the sports federation, Bjorn Eriksson, stated that the application failed to meet their requirements and that they had other priorities to attend to.

It is worth noting that Dragan Bractic, who runs several strip clubs in Sweden, had submitted the application in January with the aim of classifying sex as a sport. However, the proposal did not gain approval.

Contrary to the unattributed tweets and reports, there were no plans for the sex championship to take place, and the details provided in those posts were entirely fictional. The alleged matches with durations of 45 minutes to 1 hour, 16 different disciplines, and the registration of 20 participants were all part of the fabricated story.

At this time, the Swedish authorities have not issued any statements or reactions regarding this viral misinformation. It serves as a reminder to be critical of news sources and verify information before accepting it as factual.

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