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Nearly All US States Are Home to At Least One Billionaire, with 47 Out of 50 States Represented


According to Forbes, the United States is a hub for some of the wealthiest individuals globally. Their recent report reveals that a staggering 47 out of the 50 states are home to at least one billionaire, leaving only Alaska, Delaware, and West Virginia without such individuals.

The report further discloses that the US houses a total of 775 billionaires, with California (179), New York (130), Texas (73), and Florida (92) boasting the highest concentrations, accounting for 60% of the nation’s billionaires.

Comparing the current findings with Forbes’ 2019 report, the number of states housing billionaires has increased by three, rising from 44 previously. The recent additions to the list include Alabama, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Combined, these billionaires possess a collective wealth of $1.5 trillion, with Elon Musk leading the pack as the world’s richest person, boasting a net worth of $230 billion. Jeff Bezos holds the title of the richest individual in Washington state.

The average age among the richest individuals in the US states is 73 years, with the youngest billionaire being 36-year-old Lukas Walton of Illinois, an heir to the Walmart fortune. At 93 years old, Annette Lerner, the widow of Washington Nationals owner Ted Lerner, holds the title of the oldest billionaire on the list, based in Maryland.

Interestingly, over half of the billionaires on the list have amassed their wealth in four key industries: finance and investments (9 billionaires), fashion and retail (8 billionaires), food and beverage (6 billionaires), and technology (6 billionaires).

Notable mentions from the list include Larry Page, co-founder of Google, as the wealthiest individual in California with a net worth of $105 billion, and Larry Ellison, co-founder of Oracle, holding the title of the richest person in Hawaii with a wealth of $146 billion. Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is the richest person in Nebraska with an estimated worth of $117 billion.

Forbes further highlights that four out of the five richest individuals in the world call the United States their home.

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