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“Elon Musk Urges Connection: Tweets Encouraging Reunions with Loved Ones Amidst Twitter Controversy”

“Elon Musk Promotes Personal Relationships: Tweets Encouragement for Reconnecting with Friends and Family Amidst Twitter Backlash”

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, took a humorous dig at Twitter users following the implementation of a new policy by the micro-blogging site. The policy introduced a temporary cap on the number of daily tweet views. In response to this, Musk tweeted on Sunday morning, urging people to put away their phones and spend quality time with their friends and family.

Musk’s light-hearted comment came at a time when Twitter faced criticism for its new policy of limiting tweet views. Some users speculated that Musk’s underlying motive behind the rule was to attract more subscribers. However, the Twitter boss clarified that the decision was made to address issues such as data scraping and system manipulation. Initially, the limits were set at 600 posts per day for unverified users and 6,000 posts for Twitter Blue subscribers. Musk later revised the limits to 800 and 8,000 respectively. Five hours later, he tweeted again, announcing new limits of 1,000 for unverified accounts and 10,000 for verified users.

As a result of the restrictions, users found themselves locked out of Twitter once they reached their daily limit. The announcement on Saturday led to “Twitter down” trending on the platform, with numerous users reporting difficulties accessing the site. At one point, around 7,500 people reported problems, according to Downdetector, a website that tracks online outages.

Musk’s recent tweet, encouraging users to take a break from the social media platform, sparked a flurry of memes in the replies. Many users jokingly pleaded to view “just one more tweet.” However, some users expressed concerns that the new policy could negatively impact businesses trying to promote their ventures on Twitter, as reaching out to users may become more challenging.

In summary, Elon Musk playfully poked fun at Twitter users as the platform implemented a temporary cap on daily tweet views. The new policy received mixed reactions, with some users questioning Musk’s motives and others experiencing difficulties accessing the site. Musk’s tweet urging users to spend time offline sparked a humorous response, while also raising concerns about its potential impact on businesses utilizing the platform for promotion.

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