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Clashes in Jenin Result in 3 Palestinian Fatalities and 29 Injuries by Israeli Troops


In a massive gunbattle between Israeli troops and militants in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, 3 Palestinians, including a minor, were tragically killed, and at least 29 others sustained injuries, as reported by the Palestinian Health Ministry. This clash adds to the ongoing wave of violence that has plagued the West Bank for over a year.

The Palestinian Health Ministry identified the deceased individuals as Khaled Asasa (21), Qassam Abu Sariya (29), and Ahmed Saqr (15). Additionally, four others were severely wounded during the shootout.

At the time of writing, the Israeli military has not provided a statement regarding the incident. However, Israeli media sources have reported multiple injuries among Israeli troops involved in the confrontation.

Amateur video footage circulating from Jenin showcases a potential Israeli military helicopter launching a rocket as part of the ongoing army operation, although the authenticity of the footage remains unconfirmed.

The West Bank has been a focal point of intensified violence between Israel and the Palestinians, resulting in the deaths of around 120 Palestinians this year alone. Jenin, in particular, has witnessed a surge in Palestinian militancy.

Israel has been conducting frequent raids in the West Bank as a response to a rise in Palestinian violence since the beginning of last year. While Israeli authorities assert that the majority of the fatalities were militants, there have been incidents where non-confronting individuals and youths participating in protests were also killed.

Conversely, Palestinian attacks against Israelis have claimed the lives of at least 20 individuals this year.

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