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Chinese Woman Shares Horrific Account of Rape by Resort Staff in Maldives: ‘Don’t Worry…Feel Comfortable’

Chinese Woman

A Chinese woman has come forward with shocking allegations of rape during her visit to her ‘favorite travel destination,’ the Maldives. Sharing her harrowing experience on Twitter, she revealed the horrors she endured at a renowned luxury hotel, involving a butler.

Accompanied by photos displaying bruises and skin discoloration allegedly resulting from the assault, the woman shed light on the disturbing incident. However, it is important to note that we have been unable to independently verify the authenticity of the incident.

According to the woman, who identifies herself as an Australian resident, the hotel assigned the butler to assist her after she decided to extend her stay. Initially, the butler helped her settle in and familiarized her with the hotel’s amenities, unaware of the terrifying events that would soon unfold.

Upon breaking her phone, the woman sought help from the hotel staff to reach out to her family. The butler kindly offered his phone for her to make the call. During this interaction, the hotel staff sat on her bed and started asking suspicious questions, including details about where she had slept the previous night. This raised her suspicions, realizing that the butler had been observing her.

After briefly leaving the room, the butler returned and resumed his conversation, showing her a WeChat message from her mother. Despite rejecting his advances, the butler persisted. In an attempt to communicate her discomfort, the woman used her computer to translate her feelings to him. However, he disregarded her boundaries.

The situation escalated when the butler forcibly entered her room, pushing her onto the bed and subjecting her to sexual harassment. Fleeing the room, she wrapped herself in a quilt for protection. Eventually, she managed to report the incident to senior hotel staff, only to discover their attempt to downplay the situation. However, the police intervened, and she provided a statement.

Furthermore, the woman alleges that the hotel staff asked her to leave immediately, claiming that the case was now in the hands of the police and the hotel. Consequently, they informed her that they could no longer accommodate her.

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