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Visa requirement for US and UK citizens to travel to Europe could be implemented : Reports

The European Union is planning to implement the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) in 2024. This new system will require citizens from visa-free countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, to obtain an authorization before traveling to Europe.

To apply for ETIAS, travelers will need to complete an online application form. The form will ask for biographical information, travel plans, and security-related questions. The approval process is expected to be quick, with most applicants receiving their authorization within an hour. However, additional checks may be required in certain cases, which could delay the process up to four days.

The cost of obtaining an ETIAS authorization is $8 for US citizens and £6 for UK citizens. Once approved, the authorization will be valid for multiple entries over a period of three years or until the traveler’s passport expires.

US and UK citizens may need a visa to travel to Europe in the future.

The primary goal of ETIAS is to enhance security measures while ensuring smooth travel for visitors to Europe. By gathering essential information about travelers before their arrival, European authorities can assess potential risks and ensure the safety of both tourists and EU residents.

The ETIAS permit will be available to 1.4 billion people from 60 visa-exempt countries, granting them the right to stay in Europe for up to 90 days within an 18-day period. The authorization will be valid for three years, allowing travelers to make multiple visits to Europe during this time.

What are the benefits of ETIAS?

There are several benefits to the ETIAS system. First, it will help to improve security in Europe by allowing authorities to screen travelers before they arrive. Second, it will make travel to Europe more convenient for visitors from visa-free countries. Third, it will generate revenue for the EU, which can be used to fund security measures and other initiatives.

What are the drawbacks of ETIAS?

Some people have expressed concerns about the ETIAS system, arguing that it is an unnecessary intrusion on privacy. Others have worried that it could be used to discriminate against certain groups of travelers. However, the European Commission has said that the ETIAS system will be designed with privacy in mind and that it will not be used to discriminate against any group of travelers.

Overall, the ETIAS system is a positive development that will help to improve security and convenience for travelers to Europe.

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