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18 Kudankulam Protesters sentenced to 7 years in Jail

18 Kudankulam protesters convicted of attacking fishermen

A sub-court in Tamil Nadu has sentenced 18 people, including four women, to seven years in prison for attacking two fishermen who refused to take part in a protest against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

The protesters, most of whom were fishermen, allegedly attacked the two men with sharp weapons in 2013. The two men filed separate complaints with the police, who registered a case against 22 people.

18 Kudankulam protesters found guilty of attacking fishermen, sentenced to 7 years in jail

Three of the protesters, including the protest’s coordinator, S.P. Udayakumar, were acquitted.

The case is one of hundreds of cases that have been filed against protesters against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant. The plant has been the subject of protests for many years, with some people concerned about the safety of the plant and its potential impact on the environment.

The conviction of the 18 protesters is a setback for the anti-nuclear movement in Kudankulam. However, the movement is still active, and it is likely that the protesters will appeal the verdict.

The conviction of the 18 protesters also highlights the challenges faced by people who protest against government projects. In India, it is not uncommon for protesters to be arrested and charged with crimes, even if their protests are peaceful. This can have a chilling effect on dissent, and it can make it difficult for people to raise their voices against government policies.

The conviction of the 18 protesters is a reminder that the fight for environmental justice is often a long and difficult one. However, the protesters in Kudankulam are determined to continue their fight, and they are hopeful that they will eventually be successful.

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