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Mumbai to Alibaug Travel Time Reduced to Over an Hour!


Alibaug has emerged as a sought-after tourist destination, thanks to its breathtaking scenery and close proximity to Mumbai. However, limited connectivity has hindered its potential for tourism growth. To address this issue, a series of new development and infrastructure projects in Alibaug are underway.

According to a recent survey conducted by HoABL, these infrastructural advancements present lucrative opportunities for real estate development in Alibaug. Investors can expect substantial returns through appreciation and rental income. Recognizing the untapped potential and increasing demand for real estate, the government has initiated key infrastructure initiatives to bridge the connectivity gap in Alibaug.

With these extensive infrastructure projects in progress, travel time between Mumbai and Alibaug is expected to be reduced by nearly half, from over three hours to just over an hour. The survey conducted by HoABL highlights the numerous opportunities that these infrastructure initiatives will create. As the demand for properties continues to grow and the tourism potential remains untapped, the government is committed to closing the connectivity gap through crucial infrastructure developments.

Among the notable projects currently underway are the Virar-Alibaug Corridor project, Mumbai Trans Harbour link, and Virar-Alibaug Multimodal Corridor, among others. Of particular importance is the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL), a critical component of the Virar-Alibaug Corridor Project. This 21.8 km, 6-lane access-controlled sea bridge will connect Sewri in Mumbai with Chirle in Navi Mumbai, significantly reducing travel time between these areas.

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