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India’s Peacefulness Ranking: A Comparative Analysis with Global Standards

Exploring India’s Position in the Global Peace Index: A Closer Look at Peaceful Rankings

In its recently released 17th edition, the Global Peace Index (GPI) provided valuable insights into the peacefulness levels of 163 independent states and territories worldwide. Published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), this comprehensive report utilized 23 reliable indicators to assess peace across three key domains: societal safety and security, ongoing conflicts (both domestic and international), and militarization.

According to the findings, India experienced a remarkable improvement of 3.5 percent in its overall level of peacefulness over the past year. This positive trend highlights the nation’s commitment to fostering peaceful societies and signifies progress in various peace-related aspects.

The GPI, considered the most data-driven analysis to date on peace trends and its economic significance, encompassed 99.7 percent of the world’s population. By incorporating a diverse range of qualitative and quantitative data from reputable sources, the index offers a comprehensive assessment of global peacefulness.

The societal safety and security domain of the GPI examines factors such as crime rates, police presence, and levels of violent demonstrations. India’s progress in this area suggests enhanced safety measures and a more secure environment for its citizens.

The ongoing domestic and international conflict domain evaluates internal and external conflicts, political instability, and terrorism. India’s positive trajectory in this aspect indicates efforts towards resolving conflicts and maintaining stability both within the country and in its international relations.

Militarization, the third domain of assessment, examines military spending, armed forces personnel, and weapons imports and exports. India’s performance in this domain showcases a balanced approach to defense and suggests a focus on peaceful resolutions and diplomatic channels.

The improvements highlighted in the GPI are a testament to India’s dedication to fostering peace and harmony within its borders. By addressing societal safety, conflict resolution, and militarization in a comprehensive manner, the nation is steadily progressing towards a more peaceful society.

The GPI serves as a valuable tool for policymakers, researchers, and global citizens in understanding and promoting peace. As India continues its journey towards enhanced peacefulness, these insights provide valuable guidance for further efforts to create a secure and harmonious nation for all its inhabitants.

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