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Travel Experts: Flight Attendants Reveal 3 Essential Tips for Hotel Room Check-In

Hotel Room

When it comes to travel, it’s always helpful to learn some insider tips to make your holidays smoother. Flight attendants, who are seasoned travelers, have shared their expertise on hotel room check-ins, and their advice is worth noting.

According to Esther, a cabin crew member, it’s wise to throw a water bottle under the bed as soon as you enter the hotel room. This simple act serves as a safety check to ensure that no one is hiding under the bed without your knowledge. If the bottle doesn’t roll out from the other side, it’s advisable to alert hotel staff or your fellow traveler for further investigation.

Hotel Room

Demi Bonita, another flight attendant, suggests a clever hack to detect if someone has entered your hotel room while you’re away. Place the “do not disturb” card between the door, and it will act as a clear indicator if anyone has tampered with the room during your absence.

Furthermore, following the advice of a fellow crew member, it’s essential to conduct four key checks upon entering a hotel room. Scan the surroundings for potential hiding spots and thoroughly inspect areas that are not immediately visible, such as behind doors, curtains, large cabinets, under beds, and box springs.

By implementing these travel tips shared by experienced flight attendants, you can enhance your safety and security while staying in hotel rooms during your journeys.

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