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Air New Zealand Unveils Innovative Sleeping Bunk Beds for Long-Haul Travelers

Air New Zealand Launches Sleeping Bunk Beds to Improve Passenger Experience on Extended Journeys

Air New Zealand Revolutionizes Long-Distance Travel with Sleeping Pods

Air New Zealand is set to transform the flying experience by offering passengers comfortable and relaxing bunk-bed style pods. These innovative sleeping pods, known as skynests, will be available to both premium and regular economy passengers. By 2024, Air New Zealand aims to become the world’s first airline to introduce such pods in its cabins.

To accommodate the installation of the skynests in its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, Air New Zealand plans to remove five seats from the economy class. The sleeping bunks will be primarily offered on long-haul routes, such as Auckland to Chicago and the soon-to-be-launched Auckland to New York JFK route starting in September. Passengers will have the option to book four-hour sessions in these lie-flat sleeping pods at an additional cost.

Measuring 6.5 feet in length and 2 feet in width, each skynest will be equipped with essential amenities, including a private curtain, USB charging ports, and ventilation outlets. Air New Zealand will provide a mattress and sheets for each booking, with the cabin crew promptly changing them after each use. These sleeping bunks will be limited to one person at a time, and the airline is developing a booking system to manage their availability.

Greg Foran, Chief Executive of Air New Zealand, highlighted the airline’s commitment to providing an exceptional travel experience, stating, “New Zealand’s location puts us in a unique position to lead on the ultra-long-haul travel experience. We have focused on sleep, comfort, and wellness because we understand the importance of arriving well-rested. Whether our customers are heading straight into a meeting or their first holiday destination, they want to hit the ground running.” Foran emphasized that the introduction of bunk-style pods would be a game-changer for economy travelers.

The implementation of sleeping pods aims to enhance long-distance travel between the region and the east coast of the United States and Europe. This innovative offering not only promises to improve the overall flying experience but also has the potential to boost tourism and encourage more travelers to choose these routes.

Air New Zealand has a history of prioritizing passenger comfort, as demonstrated by the introduction of beds for economy passengers in 2020. Additionally, the airline launched the skycouch, a feature that allows families or passengers with vacant seats in the economy class to transform their seating area into a bed.

With the introduction of sleeping pods, Air New Zealand is taking another leap forward in providing passengers with an unforgettable and rejuvenating travel experience. By prioritizing sleep, comfort, and wellness, the airline is poised to set new standards in economy travel while ensuring travelers arrive at their destinations well-rested and ready to embark on their journeys.

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