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Report: More than 50% of Tech HR Professionals Utilize ChatGPT for Various Tasks


A recent report highlights that over 50% of tech HR employees utilize the AI chatbot ChatGPT for a wide range of responsibilities, including training, surveys, performance reviews, recruiting, and employee relations. Surprisingly, more than one in 10 tech HR professionals even admitted to employing ChatGPT for crafting employee terminations. The report, based on a survey of 213 tech HR professionals and 792 tech employees, sheds light on HR experiences within the tech industry.

Furthermore, the study reveals that implementing ChatGPT saves HR employees approximately 70 minutes per week. Moreover, around 70% of HR tech professionals acknowledge that their companies provide the necessary resources and tools for facilitating positive changes in the HR domain.

In addition to AI-powered chatbots, the report identifies other valuable tech tools for HR in the tech sector. Payroll software tops the list with 54% of respondents finding it useful, followed by background check software (42%), HR analytics and reporting (41%), and time and attendance systems (40%).

On the other hand, findings from the report indicate that approximately 44% of small business owners anticipate hiring fewer employees due to the capabilities of AI. However, a survey by Canada-based software company FreshBooks reveals that small business owners are less concerned about AI replacing their jobs or the jobs of their employees. In fact, two-thirds of them disagree with the notion that AI will make them obsolete. Additionally, nearly a quarter of small business owners report either using or testing generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Microsoft Bing.

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