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Meet Calico: Your Multi-Functional Robot Companion for Dancing, Fitness Tracking, and Beyond


Discover the groundbreaking Calico robot, designed by University of Maryland researchers, weighing a mere 18 grams. This innovative creation is equipped to assist you with various tasks, ranging from guiding your dance routines to acting as a workout tracker and even serving as a stethoscope.

Despite its lightweight construction, the Calico robot boasts an impressive payload capacity of up to 20 grams, effortlessly navigating at speeds between 115 to 227 millimeters per second. Its tiny 100 mAh battery enables up to eight hours of idle time or 30 minutes of continuous movement, with the potential for extended battery life through wireless charging.

In a recent report by IEEE Spectrum, the researchers highlighted a multitude of potential applications for Calico. Let’s explore some of them:

  1. Workout Tracker and Form Coach: Experience a seamless fitness routine by pairing Calico with a mobile app. This dynamic duo allows you to monitor various exercises effectively. Simply select your workout routine on the app, and Calico will position itself on your body to track your movements. By accurately following your form during exercises like squats, planks, and pushups, Calico ensures you receive real-time feedback and guidance through the app.
  2. Healthcare Applications: Calico’s versatility extends to healthcare. By attaching additional sensors, such as a stethoscope head, the robot gains the ability to record vital sounds from your heart, lungs, and other organs, providing valuable healthcare monitoring.
  3. Data Physicalization: Calico offers an exciting approach to visualizing personal data. Instead of relying solely on apps and software, this robot can be used to track and represent your daily actions physically. For instance, you can tap the robot to log water consumption or direct it to a specific location to indicate the amount of water you’ve consumed during the day. With Calico, data entry and analysis become tangible and engaging.
  4. Customization and Dance Instruction: Calico’s interactive nature extends beyond practical applications. You can personalize its appearance, giving it a charming pet-like persona complete with expressive googly eyes that respond to your touch. Additionally, while its dance instruction capabilities are still in development, Calico holds the potential to guide and correct your dance movements, adding an element of fun and creativity to your routines.

Experience the future of robotics with Calico, the tiny yet powerful companion that offers unparalleled functionality and endless possibilities for dance, fitness, healthcare, and personal data management.

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