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10 iOS 17 Features inspired from Android

iOS 17

Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 17, brings a range of exciting features to enhance the iPhone user experience. While many of these features are fresh and innovative, some have been ‘borrowed’ from Android. Let’s explore the 10 iOS 17 features that Apple took inspiration from Android.

  1. Offline Maps: Apple has introduced offline maps on its native navigation app, a feature already available on Google Maps and other navigation services.
  2. Multiple Timers: iOS 17 now supports setting multiple timers on the default clock app, a functionality that Android users have enjoyed for some time.
  3. Contact Poster: Inspired by Samsung smartphones running on OneUI 5.1, iOS 17 introduces Contact Poster, allowing users to set customizable full-screen images for caller ID.
  4. NameDrop: iPhone users can now quickly share their contact details with nearby iPhone and Apple Watch users, a feature similar to Android Beam on NFC-enabled Android devices.
  5. Standby Mode: iOS 17 includes Standby Mode, turning an iPhone into a digital table clock and photo album, a concept reminiscent of the screen saver or always-on display found on select Android phones.
  6. Album for Pets: Finally, iOS 17 lets users create a dedicated album for their pets in the default gallery app, similar to the feature available on Google Photos for Android and iOS.
  7. Interactive Widgets: iPhones now support interactive widgets in iOS 17, allowing users to control music, smart devices, and access app services without opening the app. Android users have enjoyed this feature with both first-party and third-party widgets.
  8. Live Voicemail: iOS 17 introduces live voicemail, enabling real-time voice messages with automatic transcription, a feature already present on Google’s dialer app for Android.
  9. FaceTime Messages: FaceTime now supports video preview and the ability to send audio and video messages, similar to features available on Google’s Duo and Meet video calling apps.
  10. Check-In: iOS 17’s Check-In feature enhances user safety by automatically updating friends and family about ongoing journeys, providing location, battery level, and more. Google’s Safety Check feature within the Personal Safety app offers a similar functionality.

By incorporating these Android-inspired features, Apple aims to provide a more comprehensive and competitive experience for iOS 17 users.

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