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Surging Tomato and Ginger Prices in Jammu Following Heavy Rainfall and Landslides

Price Surge for Tomato and Ginger in Jammu Due to Heavy Rainfall and Landslides

Recent heavy rainfall and landslides have led to a poor crop yield, resulting in a surge in vegetable prices such as ginger and tomatoes. Consumers are urging the government to intervene and address the issue, as the price hike poses challenges for low-income individuals who struggle to afford essential commodities. With tomatoes priced at around Rs 120 per kg and ginger at Rs 400 per kg, people are being forced to go without these items, adding to their financial burden.

Local vegetable vendors attribute the low crop yield of ginger and tomatoes to the heavy rainfall during the ongoing monsoon season. This is a recurring issue during the monsoon, especially for vegetables grown in mountainous regions, as landslides and increased transportation time affect production and supply, leading to price hikes. The current weather conditions indicate that prices will remain high for a few more days, but vendors believe rates might decrease once the monsoon recedes.

According to official data, the average prices for tomatoes are usually around Rs 30 to 35 per kg, and for ginger, it is Rs 120 to 150 per kg. However, the recent price surge has caused retail prices to skyrocket, reaching Rs 100 per kg in major cities. A government official assures consumers that this price spike is a temporary seasonal phenomenon, and prices will soon stabilize.

The heavy rains in Jammu and Kashmir have further aggravated the situation, triggering landslides and blocking key transportation routes like the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway. These disruptions have limited the supply of vegetables, causing prices to rise at the source—the farms.

In light of the challenges faced by low-income families and the impact on essential commodity affordability, urgent government intervention is needed to alleviate the burden of price hikes. It is crucial to address the issues faced by farmers due to adverse weather conditions and provide support to stabilize the market and ensure fair prices for consumers.

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