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Rare Joint Press Conference: President Joe Biden and PM Narendra Modi to Address Two Questions from Media

Historic Press Briefing: President Joe Biden and PM Narendra Modi to Respond to Two Queries in Rare Joint Appearance

In a surprising turn of events, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to break his longstanding streak of avoiding press conferences since assuming office in 2014. This rare occurrence is scheduled to take place during his visit to Washington, where he will join United States President Joe Biden in a joint press conference. The press conference is expected to be held on Thursday and will allow PM Modi to address two questions from the media.

Throughout his tenure as prime minister, Narendra Modi has refrained from holding any official press conferences, which has drawn criticism and raised concerns about transparency and accountability. Although there was an announcement in 2019 that he would address a press conference at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters, it turned out to be a disappointment as he did not answer any questions from journalists.

Initially, Indian authorities objected to the proposal of a joint press conference with President Biden, preferring instead to have joint statements without the opportunity for questions. However, after extensive negotiations, Indian officials eventually agreed to the press event. The compromise reached was a “one-and-one” format, where each leader will call on one reporter from their respective press corps, allowing for a total of two questions to be answered during the conference.

The limited nature of this press conference highlights the significance of the occasion. It is a rare opportunity for the public and the media to directly engage with Prime Minister Modi and gain insights into his policies and perspectives on various issues. The selected questions will likely cover a range of topics, including bilateral relations between India and the United States, regional security, global challenges, and domestic matters.

The announcement of Prime Minister Modi’s participation in this press conference has generated considerable interest, both domestically and internationally. It represents a departure from his usual approach to media interactions, and many are eager to see how he will handle the questions and address the concerns raised by journalists.

In addition to the press conference, Prime Minister Modi is also scheduled to deliver a speech to the joint session of the US Senate and House. This event has garnered attention, with some members of the US Democratic Party announcing their decision to boycott the speech in protest against alleged human rights abuses in India. The prime minister’s visit is being closely watched, and it is expected to have significant implications for the bilateral relationship between India and the United States.

As the date of the joint press conference approaches, preparations are underway to ensure its smooth execution. The presence of Prime Minister Modi alongside President Biden in this rare media interaction is anticipated to provide valuable insights into the priorities and perspectives of both leaders, as well as the direction of the India-US relationship. All eyes will be on this historic event as the two leaders come together to address pressing issues and engage with the media in an unprecedented manner.

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