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Modi’s Radio Show Witnessed TMC MP’s Artful Wordplay with ‘Manipur Ki Baat’; Congress Strikes with a Witty ‘Maun’ Taunt

Congress Fires Verbal Shot with ‘Maun’ Jibe as Modi’s Radio Show Hosts Political Wordplay

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monthly radio program, ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ was at the center of attention as he addressed the 102nd edition. However, opposition leaders took the opportunity to criticize him for his silence on the ongoing violence in Manipur during the latest episode. Jairam Ramesh, Congress’ general secretary in charge of communications, accused the prime minister of disregarding the “entirely man-made” humanitarian crisis unfolding in Manipur while praising India’s disaster management capabilities.

Ramesh expressed his disappointment through a tweet, stating, “So one more Mann ki Baat but Maun on Manipur. The PM patted himself on the back for India’s great capabilities in disaster management. What about the entirely man-made (actually self-inflicted) humanitarian disaster that is confronting Manipur? Still no appeal for peace from him.” He further raised concerns about the PM-CARES Fund, questioning whether the prime minister truly cared about Manipur.

In contrast, during his Mann Ki Baat broadcast, Prime Minister Modi applauded India’s increasing ability to handle natural disasters and expressed his confidence in the people of Kutch to swiftly recover from the aftermath of cyclone Biparjoy. He also highlighted the dark era of the Emergency in India’s history, acknowledging the atrocities committed against supporters of democracy during that time. Stressing India’s commitment to democratic values and the supremacy of the Constitution, he stated, “we cannot forget June 25 when Emergency was imposed on us.”

Amidst this political discourse, Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra took to Twitter, calling for a shift in focus from “Mann Ki Baat” to “Manipur ki Baat” (the voice of Manipur), urging Prime Minister Modi to address the concerns in Manipur.

Violence escalated in Manipur as mobs set fire to houses belonging to a Union minister and BJP leaders. A clash between a mob and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) took place after the mob had set a warehouse ablaze and created disruptions in Imphal’s streets. The clashes originated from a dispute between the Meitei and Kuki communities over changes proposed to the state’s reservation system, resulting in a significant loss of lives and injuries.

The current political landscape underscores the need for effective communication and accountability. While the Prime Minister’s radio program serves as a platform for addressing the nation, the criticism from opposition leaders highlights the importance of acknowledging and resolving pressing issues such as the violence in Manipur. As the country moves forward, it is crucial for leaders to engage in open dialogue and take decisive action to address the concerns of the people they serve.

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