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Mira Road Killing Suspect’s Kitchen Reveals Boiled and Roasted Flesh, Bones: Mumbai Police

Shocking Discovery Made at Crime Scene in Mira Road: Boiled Human Flesh and Bones Found

In a disturbing turn of events, police officials from Naya Nagar are investigating the gruesome killing of 32-year-old Saraswati Vaidya, allegedly by her live-in partner, Manoj Sane. The authorities were left stunned when they discovered boiled human flesh and bones at the crime scene located in Mira Road.

Accompanied by three witnesses, the police entered the 2 BHK flat (number 704) situated in the J-wing of the Geeta Aakashdeep Cooperative Housing Society building. Upon forcefully opening the door, a strong putrid smell greeted the officers. Inside one of the bedrooms, black plastic bags containing body parts were found, according to the First Information Report (FIR).

As the pungent odor seemed to emanate from the kitchen, the police proceeded towards it, where they stumbled upon a woman’s ponytail adorned with flowers. Additionally, they discovered a pressure cooker and a vessel containing boiled human flesh. The FIR stated that partially roasted flesh and bones were discovered in the washbasin, two buckets, and a tub. The investigators also noticed an electric cutter stained with blood. Surprisingly, there were minimal bloodstains on the walls or the kitchen platform, noted the police.

Sub-Inspector Rahul Balasaheb Bhagtav, who lodged the complaint in the case pertaining to the murder on June 4, provided a detailed account of the entire scene. A forensic team visited the flat on Thursday evening to gather evidence. Meanwhile, the police are reviewing the CCTV footage from the society’s installed cameras to ascertain the number of times Sane left the flat between June 4 and 7, according to an officer.

The shocking and gruesome discovery has sent shockwaves through the community, as the investigation into this horrific crime continues.

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