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Meitei Community in Pune Takes to the Streets, Urging an Immediate Halt to Violence in Manipur

Pune Witnesses Protests by Meitei Community, Calling for Swift Resolution to the Unrest in Manipur

Meitei Community Protests in Pune, Urging Swift Action to End Manipur Violence

Pune, Maharashtra – Members of the Meitei community staged a sit-in protest in Pune, demanding an immediate cessation of the ongoing violence in their native state of Manipur. The clashes between the Meitei and Kuki communities have tragically resulted in over 100 casualties since May 3, following a Tribal Solidarity March opposing the Meitei community’s request for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status.

Gathering near the Collector’s office, the protesters, organized by Meitei Nupi Lup, Pune, voiced their discontent over the silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst 50 days of relentless violence that claimed numerous lives and displaced around 60,000 individuals. With Meiteis constituting 53 percent of Manipur’s population and predominantly residing in the Imphal Valley, while Nagas and Kukis accounting for 40 percent and residing in the hill districts, the protesters highlighted the urgent need for intervention.

Painting a bleak picture of the situation on the ground, the demonstrators shared accounts of daily reports of heavy firing, a state of war, the presence of multiple security forces, and violent confrontations. They called for swift action from both the central and state governments, observing a solemn minute of silence to honor the victims. Additionally, the protesters expressed concerns about the prolonged closure of educational institutions, the two-month-long internet shutdown, and the soaring prices of essential commodities.

As part of their efforts, Meitei Nupi Lup, Pune, submitted a memorandum to the Pune collector, specifically addressed to Prime Minister Modi, urging for peace to be restored in Manipur. Throughout the protest, participants displayed placards conveying heartfelt messages to the Prime Minister, imploring him to intervene and preserve the harmony of Manipur. The demonstrators also emphasized the importance of bridging the divide between the hill and valley regions, as well as addressing the issue of deforestation in the state. Notably, the Meisnam family from Churachandpur shared their personal stories of witnessing the destruction of their homes, highlighting the devastating consequences of the ongoing violence.

The protest by the Meitei community in Pune serves as a strong call for immediate action and resolution to the volatile situation in Manipur. The collective voice of the demonstrators urges the authorities to prioritize peace, unity, and the well-being of all communities in the region, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of the conflict.

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