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MAHAKUMBH 2025: ₹21.26 Crore Allocated for Development of Nagavasuki Temple and 10 Roads in Prayagraj

Mahakumbh 2025

To prepare for the upcoming grand religious fair of Mahakumbh 2025, the renowned Nagavasuki temple and 10 crucial roads in the Sangam area will undergo significant development.

Additionally, the artificial lake situated within Chandra Shekhar Azad Park will be renovated, confirmed senior district officials familiar with the plans.

The urban development department recently released the initial installment of ₹21.26 crore, which has been earmarked for the temple’s development, the surrounding area, and the enhancement of the adjacent roads. Notably, ₹2.36 crore has been allocated solely for the temple’s renovation.

Vijay Kiran Anand, the Kumbh mela officer, disclosed that approximately ₹17.89 crore has been sanctioned for the road development project. Within this amount, ₹1.19 crore has been dedicated to the artificial lake’s refurbishment within Azad Park.

The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) will oversee the restoration of the temple, the 10 roads, and the lake. Anand mentioned that the PDA will soon initiate the tendering process for these projects.

The planned initiatives encompass the development of Nagavasuki temple with an estimated budget of ₹4.76 crore, of which ₹2.36 crore has been released. Furthermore, the roads will undergo development with a budget exceeding ₹32.18 crore, and ₹18.89 crore has been allotted for their initial implementation.

The first phase of road development includes constructing dividers and enhancing greenery along the stretch from Andawa crossing to Sahson crossing, as well as beautifying and improving the road connecting Phaphamau bridge road to the Ganga river.

Additionally, the project entails beautification, widening, and enhancement of the road from Naini railway station to Prayagraj Mirzapur national highway, along with widening and beautification from Chheoki railway station gate-2 to COD crossing marg.

Other planned endeavors consist of beautification, widening, and improving the Naini railway station approach road under the overbridge at FCI road, as well as the Bela Cachar interlocking reconstruction from Prayagraj-Lucknow road to STP road on the Phaphamau side.

Furthermore, there will be the implementation of Bela Cachar parking interlocking, culvert construction along the Basna drain in Phaphamau near the PDA road, road widening, beautification on both sides of Gangeshwar Mahadev temple near Amitabh Bachchan Pulia up to the river, widening and beautification of the road from Amitabh Bachchan Pulia to Shukla market, and widening and beautification of the road from IERT bridge to the Ganga riverbank.

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