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Gorakhpur Police Arrests Three BTech Graduates for Chain Snatching


In a recent chain snatching incident, Gorakhpur District police apprehended three suspects, one of whom is a BTech graduate, highlighting the involvement of educated individuals in such crimes. The arrested individuals have admitted their guilt, according to police sources.

Confirming the incident, SP City Krishna Kumar Bishnoi stated that an unemployed BTech graduate was among those involved in the criminal activity. The district police formed two dedicated teams to investigate the case and were able to make a breakthrough thanks to the analysis of CCTV footage.

The chain snatching incident occurred on May 25 near Ramgarh Lake, specifically in the vicinity of Lake View Colony. Another similar incident took place on June 17, near the same location. Both incidents involved the participation of the unemployed BTech graduate.

Investigations revealed that the youth had been unemployed for the past three years. Residing in the Shahpur locality, the individual’s father operates a pillow stitching center. It is alleged that in order to sustain himself financially, the accused resorted to chain snatching alongside two accomplices.

This arrest sheds light on the troubling trend of educated individuals turning to criminal activities due to unemployment. Gorakhpur District police have taken swift action to apprehend the culprits and are determined to maintain law and order in the area.

By apprehending the BTech graduate and his associates, the police have not only cracked the case but have also sent a message that criminal activities will not be tolerated. The confession of the accused serves as a reminder of the importance of creating opportunities for employment to deter individuals from resorting to such crimes in the future.

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