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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Holds Meeting with Prime Minister in Delhi, Urges Financial Support for Polavaram Project

CM of Andhra Pradesh Meets PM in Delhi, Requests Funding Assistance for Polavaram Project

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy recently met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi to discuss several pressing matters. During their hour-long meeting, the Chief Minister highlighted the prolonged delay in receiving funds for the Polavaram Project, amounting to Rs 55,549 crore. He emphasized the urgency of releasing Rs 17,144 crore for the project’s first phase to expedite its progress. Although the Union Finance Ministry has approved Rs 12,911 crore for the initial phase, the relief package for the affected people from 36 villages is still pending.

Reddy also requested immediate reimbursement of Rs 1,310 crore from the state government’s own funds, which were utilized for the project. Under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act of 2014, the Polavaram Irrigation Project has been designated as a national project, obligating the central government to execute it and secure necessary clearances, including environmental, forest, and rehabilitation requirements.

In addition to the Polavaram Project, the Chief Minister sought the release of pending electricity arrears of Rs 7,230 crore owed by Telangana to Andhra Pradesh between June 2014 and June 2017. This request was crucial, considering the financial challenges faced by the Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation (AP Genco).

Furthermore, Reddy highlighted the inadequate distribution of central rations to 56 lakh families in the state, causing an additional burden of Rs 5,527 crore on the state government annually. He urged the Prime Minister to intervene promptly in this matter. Additionally, he appealed for the sanctioning of long-overdue subsidy dues totaling Rs 1,703 crore for the AP Civil Supplies Department.

During the meeting, the Chief Minister reminded the Prime Minister of the unfulfilled promise of granting Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh, which would bring numerous benefits such as industrial development, job creation, and self-sufficiency. Reddy emphasized the need for 17 additional medical colleges in the state’s newly divided 26 districts, each with a population of at least 18 lakh, to ensure quality healthcare services. He requested adequate financial support for these initiatives.

Reddy also discussed the allocation of three mines to the AP Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) for the promised steel plant in Kadapa district. Establishing the steel plant is crucial for improving the livelihoods and living standards in the underdeveloped Rayalaseema region of the state.

In addition to meeting Prime Minister Modi, the Chief Minister also held discussions with Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on various state-related issues. The meeting was an opportunity for the Chief Minister to address the pressing concerns of Andhra Pradesh and seek support from the central government.

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