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Additional Arrest Made in Pragati Maidan Tunnel Heist

Another Person Detained in Pragati Maidan Tunnel Robbery Incident

In a recent development, law enforcement officials announced the arrest of an additional individual linked to the gunpoint robbery that took place inside the Pragati Maidan tunnel. The apprehended suspect, identified as Anil, also known as Choti, was captured in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. Acting on his information, authorities managed to recover his share of the stolen amount, totaling Rs one lakh. Police officials have emphasized that Anil was part of the conspiracy, and further investigation will determine his specific role.

With this latest arrest, a total of seven individuals have now been apprehended in connection with the robbery incident. The crime occurred when a delivery agent and his associate were transporting approximately Rs 40 lakh in a taxi en route to Gurgaon, Haryana.

During the investigation, law enforcement successfully seized the motorcycles used in the crime, which were found to have fake number plates. Additionally, Rs 4.98 lakh in cash and a pistol with two live cartridges were recovered. Further examination revealed that the arrested suspects had additional sums of money in their possession, and efforts are underway to calculate the overall total.

The incident was captured on a 22-second video footage, which shows four men trailing the taxi on two motorcycles inside the tunnel. As other vehicles passed by, the criminals intercepted the taxi, forcing it to halt. Two individuals wearing helmets dismounted their motorcycles, with one approaching the driver’s side and the other heading towards the rear door. Brandishing their firearms, they swiftly opened both car doors, transferring a black handbag, presumably containing the stolen money, to the person at the back. The culprits then swiftly mounted their waiting motorcycles and fled the scene with their accomplices.

Authorities continue to delve into the details of the crime, aiming to establish the precise roles played by each individual involved. The recovered evidence and the ongoing investigation will contribute to bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring the safety of the public.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the given news report. Any further updates or developments in the case may alter the details presented here.

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