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Tajdar Amrohi Expresses Concern Over Kriti Sanon’s Role as Meena Kumari

Manish Malhotra Set to Honor Meena Kumari’s Legacy with Biopic Starring Kriti Sanon

Tajdar Amrohi, the son of late filmmaker Kamal Amrohi, has expressed his reservations regarding Kriti Sanon playing the role of the legendary Indian actress Meena Kumari in Manish Malhotra’s directorial debut. The news about Kriti Sanon taking on the challenging role has been making headlines, but Tajdar Amrohi believes that the actress should reconsider her decision.

Kriti Sanon, known for her remarkable acting skills, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Recently, she also made headlines for launching her own production house, Blue Butterfly Films. Now, rumors suggest that she will portray the tragic queen Meena Kumari in Manish Malhotra’s much-awaited biopic.

Meena Kumari Biopic: Big Announcement on the Horizon, Says Tajdar Amrohi

For Manish Malhotra, this film marks a significant step as he ventures into the world of filmmaking, aiming to honor Meena Kumari’s legacy and showcase her extraordinary journey through the cinematic lens. However, Tajdar Amrohi, who holds a close connection to Meena Kumari’s life and story, has expressed his concerns about Kriti Sanon taking on the iconic role.

In a statement to ETimes, Tajdar Amrohi said, “She is a good actress, but she should avoid the role to keep her reputation intact.” This suggests that Tajdar believes the role of Meena Kumari carries a weighty responsibility, and Kriti’s portrayal might be scrutinized heavily.

Moreover, an official biopic on Meena Kumari is already in the works, with the consent and involvement of Tajdar Amrohi. This indicates that there might be a clash between the two projects, potentially leading to a significant announcement in the future.

Kriti Sanon’s Upcoming Projects: Meena Kumari Biopic and More!

Meena Kumari, known for her mesmerizing performances, appeared in over 90 films and was one of the leading actresses of her time. Her untimely demise at the age of 38 due to liver cirrhosis left a lasting impact on the film industry, making her an eternal symbol of talent and beauty.

As the news about Kriti Sanon’s potential involvement in the Meena Kumari biopic continues to circulate, the actress is busy with other projects. She was last seen in the controversial film “Adipurush,” alongside Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan. Additionally, she is set to star in an untitled film with Shahid Kapoor and Dharmendra, produced by Dinesh Vijan.

As the film’s development progresses, fans and critics will eagerly await any further announcements and updates regarding the much-anticipated biopic, keeping an eye on how Kriti Sanon’s role in the project unfolds.

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