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Prabhas creates history: Adipurush smashes box office records with a global opening of Rs 100 crore!

Adipurush, the highly anticipated film starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, and Sunny Singh, and directed by Om Raut, is generating immense buzz as it gears up for its release. The film is poised to achieve a remarkable milestone, making Prabhas the first Indian actor to achieve three consecutive Rs 100 crore plus gross opening day collections worldwide. With its strong momentum leading up to the release, Adipurush is all set to make a significant impact at the box office.

The advance bookings for the Hindi version of Adipurush have shown promising numbers, indicating a solid opening across the country. Even smaller centers in the northern belts are witnessing pleasing figures, while the Andhra states have shown exceptional response, suggesting yet another bumper opener for Prabhas, who has earned the moniker of the ‘Rs 100 crore man.’ However, the film’s performance in Tamil Nadu and Kerala will heavily rely on word-of-mouth.

Based on early estimates, Adipurush is expected to gross approximately Rs 55 crores from the southern states on its first day, with Andhra states contributing a significant Rs 45 crore to the total. Karnataka is expected to contribute around Rs 8 crores, while Tamil Nadu and Kerala are anticipated to collectively add around Rs 2 crores. The Hindi version of the film is predicted to open at over Rs 30 crores nett, with a gross expected to reach Rs 40 crores, surpassing initial expectations. The unusual booking trends in the Hindi market indicate genuine excitement for the film, particularly in smaller centers.

Internationally, Adipurush is also showing strong numbers. The trade expects an opening day collection in the range of 3-3.5 million dollars overseas, despite facing stiff competition from local releases. The USA premieres are projected to earn between 900k to 1 million dollars, while Australia and the UK are witnessing good advances for both the Telugu and Hindi versions.

It is anticipated that Adipurush will become the biggest Indian film opener of 2023, both in India and worldwide. The current record for the highest day-one collection is held by Pathaan, standing at around Rs 106 crores. However, Adipurush is expected to surpass this mark, aiming for a figure exceeding Rs 120 crores, assuming all goes well. In fact, some industry experts even predict that Adipurush might surpass Baahubali 2 and secure the second spot among the biggest Indian film openers of all time, with only RRR standing ahead.

Prabhas is on the verge of accomplishing an enviable feat with Adipurush, as he will become the only Indian actor to achieve three Rs 100 crore worldwide openers. So far, only five Indian films have achieved this milestone on their first day, and Adipurush will be the sixth. Prabhas’ record is expected to further grow with his upcoming film Salaar, making it four Rs 100 crore openers to his credit.

As the release of Adipurush approaches, expectations for its performance at the worldwide box office are sky-high. Fans and industry enthusiasts eagerly await the film’s historic opening, which is poised to make waves in the Indian film industry and beyond.

Adipurush is an upcoming Indian epic action-drama film that has garnered immense attention due to its grand scale and star-studded cast. Directed by Om Raut, the movie is an adaptation of the ancient Hindu epic, Ramayana. It features the popular actor Prabhas in the lead role, along with Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, and Sunny Singh in pivotal roles.

The storyline of Adipurush revolves around the timeless tale of the triumph of good over evil. The film primarily focuses on the iconic character of Lord Rama, played by Prabhas, and his epic journey to rescue his wife, Sita, who has been abducted by the demon king Ravana, portrayed by Saif Ali Khan.

Adipurush delves deep into the mythological narrative and presents a visually stunning portrayal of the events that unfold during Lord Rama’s quest. The film showcases the various challenges and obstacles faced by Lord Rama, such as his encounters with formidable adversaries, including Ravana’s powerful army and his loyal devotee, Hanuman.

The movie highlights the principles of righteousness, bravery, and sacrifice, which are integral to the character of Lord Rama. It also explores the significance of loyalty, love, and devotion through the relationship between Lord Rama and Sita.

Adipurush promises to present the epic tale with a fresh and contemporary approach, incorporating modern filmmaking techniques and visual effects to enhance the overall cinematic experience. The film is expected to feature spectacular action sequences, larger-than-life sets, and breathtaking visuals, transporting the audience to the ancient world of Ramayana.

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