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Embracing the Invigorating Monsoon Vibes: Overcoming Challenges of Outdoor Shoots

Capturing the Essence of the Rainy Season: Navigating Obstacles during Outdoor Photography in Monsoon

The monsoon season has arrived, bringing with it both joy and dislike among people. Prateik Chaudhary, the actor from “Sindoor Ki Keemat,” shares his perspective on the rain. He expresses his love for the refreshing ambiance that the monsoon brings, with the cool breeze, soothing raindrops, and vibrant greenery creating a serene atmosphere. According to him, there is a magical feeling in the air when nature comes alive during this season.

Although the monsoon season poses challenges for outdoor shooting, Prateik cherishes his monsoon traditions. He enjoys sipping hot tea or coffee while watching the rain and spending quality time with his family, watching movies together. It’s a time for him to slow down, appreciate nature’s beauty, and bond with his loved ones. However, shooting outdoors during the monsoon can be difficult due to rain-related delays and logistical issues. Prateik mentions that they have contingency plans in place, such as shooting indoor scenes or rescheduling outdoor shoots when the weather improves. Dealing with such challenges requires flexibility, patience, and adaptability.

Traffic congestion, especially in cities like Mumbai, becomes a significant problem during the monsoon season. Prateik suggests that improving infrastructure, including better drainage systems and road maintenance, can prevent waterlogging and alleviate the issue. He also emphasizes the need to promote public transportation and implement effective traffic management strategies during heavy rains.

While it’s enjoyable to watch the rain from the comfort of one’s home, Prateik advises taking care of hair and skin when venturing outside. Although he personally prefers to embrace the rain without worrying too much, he ensures he stays dry and uses an umbrella when attending important events or meetings.

Recalling his favorite childhood memories, Prateik reminisces about the joy and excitement he experienced during the monsoons. Jumping in puddles, playing in the rain, and making paper boats were some of the carefree and adventurous activities that created cherished memories for him.

When asked about his favorite monsoon song, Prateik finds it challenging to pick just one. However, he holds a special place in his heart for the melodious tune of “Rimjhim Gire Sawan.”

In summary, Prateik Chaudhary shares his love for the refreshing and magical ambiance of the monsoon season. He embraces monsoon traditions, enjoys quality time with his family, and appreciates nature’s beauty. Despite the challenges faced during outdoor shooting and traffic congestion, Prateik suggests potential solutions and highlights the importance of caring for hair and skin during this season. Finally, he fondly recalls his childhood memories of playful monsoon moments and expresses his affection for the enchanting melodies associated with the season.

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