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Survey Shows 44% Favor E-Shopping for Quality Fruits and Vegetables, While 56% Prefer Offline Options

Study Reveals 44% of Participants Trust E-Shopping for High-Quality Produce, While 56% Have More Confidence in Offline Stores

A recent survey conducted by agritech startup Otipy aimed to understand the changing consumer shopping behaviors in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai. The online survey gathered responses from over 3,000 participants during May, shedding light on various aspects of online and offline fruit and vegetable shopping preferences.

Affordability emerged as a key factor in participants’ decision-making process. The survey found that 50% of respondents believed offline shopping to be cheaper, while the remaining 50% felt that online platforms offered lower rates. This split opinion reflects the ongoing competition between online and offline retailers in terms of pricing strategies.

When it came to the quality of fresh produce, 44% of respondents expressed confidence in online shopping platforms, while 56% believed that offline stores provided superior quality. This disparity highlights the need for both online and offline retailers to address consumer concerns and ensure consistent quality standards.

Convenience and time-saving emerged as significant drivers for choosing online shopping for fruits and vegetables. Around 71% of respondents expressed a preference for online shopping, with 36% desiring instant delivery and the rest expecting delivery within 12 hours. The flexibility and convenience offered by online platforms are clearly resonating with a significant portion of consumers.

The survey also indicated a growing demand for healthier and sustainable options, with 43% of participants opting for organic or hydroponic fruits and vegetables. Certification and traceability played a vital role for 51% of respondents, highlighting the importance of transparent and accountable sourcing practices.

Participants showed a willingness to pay a premium for organic and hydroponic produce, with nearly 77% stating they would pay up to 15% more. This indicates a potential market opportunity for retailers who can meet the rising demand for healthier food options.

Varun Khurana, Founder and CEO of Otipy, expressed satisfaction with the survey results, stating that they validate the convenience and time-saving benefits offered by online platforms. He emphasized the significance of maintaining quality standards and accurate weight measurements in the online grocery shopping experience.

Otipy, operated by Crofarm Agriproducts and launched in 2020, has witnessed substantial growth in revenue, primarily driven by fruits and vegetables. Khurana announced that the company’s estimated revenue for the 2022-23 fiscal year is expected to reach Rs 160-170 crore, a significant increase from Rs 70 crore in the previous year. Otipy has already raised USD 45 million and plans to secure additional funds to expand its operations further.

The survey findings provide valuable insights for Otipy and other industry players, enabling them to enhance their offerings and adapt to the evolving needs of customers. As the competition between online and offline channels intensifies, prioritizing affordability, quality, convenience, and sustainable options will be crucial for retailers looking to capture a larger market share in the fruit and vegetable sector.

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