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Maritime Industry Association to Hold Meeting with Minister Naik Regarding Shore Leave Authorization for Maritime Professionals at Mumbai Port

Summit Scheduled between Shipping Sector Representatives and Minister Naik to Discuss Shore Leave Approval for Seafarers at Mumbai Port

Industry Body to Seek Meeting with Minister Naik Over Shore Leave Authorization for Seafarers at Mumbai Port

The Maritime Association of Shipowners, Shipmanagers, and Agents (MASSA) has expressed its intention to hold discussions with Shripad Naik, the Minister of State for Shipping, regarding the matter of granting shore leave permission to Indian sailors at Mumbai Port. Shore leave enables crew members to temporarily disembark from their vessels to take a much-needed break from their duties. The duration of this leave can vary depending on the scheduled time of the ships at the port.

While the central government allows seafarers aboard ships visiting Jawaharlal Nehru Port to avail themselves of shore leave, sailors stationed at Mumbai Port are currently deprived of this opportunity. In response to this issue, a delegation consisting of prominent MASSA members will soon convene with Minister Naik in Mumbai to address the concerns pertaining to the denial of shore leave by the Indian government at Mumbai Port, according to Girish Phadnis, Chairman of MASSA.

The meeting, scheduled to take place on June 25th, coinciding with the ‘International Day of the Seafarers’, will involve discussions with Shripad Naik, who holds the position of Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping, and Waterways.

Both Mumbai Port and JN Port are classified among the 12 major ports under the purview of the central government’s administration. MASSA has strongly condemned the denial of shore leave to seafarers who are entitled to this privilege, considering it a severe injustice. In the pre-Covid era, sailors at Mumbai Port were granted shore leave, as stated by the industry body.

MASSA emphasized that seafarers who are deprived of sufficient shore leave are more susceptible to mental exhaustion, which significantly impacts their performance. Approximately three lakh highly skilled Indian seafarers serve on various specialized cargo and cruise ships worldwide throughout the year, according to MASSA.

The confined spaces and monotonous routines experienced by seafarers on cargo vessels often lead to boredom, homesickness, stress, and depression. Shore leave plays a crucial role in boosting the mental well-being of seafarers, the industry body further added,

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