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Mandatory Geocoding of Addresses for all GST Registered Businesses: New Requirement by GSTN

GSTN Implements Compulsory Geocoding of Addresses for Every Registered Business

The GST Network has announced the launch of geocoding functionality for the principal place of business address for all states and Union territories. This new feature enables the identification of the exact location of registered businesses and helps in detecting fraudulent registrations.

Previously, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) conducted a pilot project on geocoding in a few states. Now, GSTN has successfully geocoded 1.8 crore addresses of principal places of business, and the functionality is available nationwide.

Geocoding is the process of converting an address or location description into geographic coordinates. By implementing geocoding in the GSTN records, the accuracy of address details can be ensured, and the address verification process can be streamlined.

Businesses can now access the geocoding functionality through the portal, where the system will generate a geocoded address. The businesses have the option to either accept the system-generated address or update it as needed. If the system-generated geocoded address is not available, a blank space will be displayed, allowing businesses to directly update the geocoded address.

This development marks a significant step towards enhancing the accuracy and standardization of address data in GSTN records. With geocoding in place, it becomes easier to pinpoint the location of registered businesses, making it harder for fraudulent entities to operate undetected.

By leveraging geocoding technology, the GSTN aims to strengthen its efforts in maintaining the integrity of the GST system and ensuring compliance among registered businesses. The introduction of this feature demonstrates the commitment of GSTN to constantly enhance its platform and provide robust tools for businesses to manage their GST-related operations efficiently.

Overall, the implementation of geocoding functionality for the principal place of business address is a significant milestone in the evolution of the GST system. It brings greater accuracy, transparency, and security to the registration process, reinforcing the effectiveness of GST as a comprehensive indirect tax regime in India.

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