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Adani Electricity Witnesses Significant Reduction in Technical and Commercial Losses to 5.93% in FY23

Impressive Decline: Adani Electricity Achieves Remarkable Reduction in Technical and Commercial Losses to 5.93% in FY23

Adani Electricity Reports Significant Decline in Technical and Commercial Losses to 5.93% in FY23

Adani Electricity Mumbai has achieved a remarkable reduction in its aggregate technical and commercial losses, recording a decrease to 5.93% in FY23 compared to 6.55% in the previous year. The power distribution company, a part of the Adani Group, attributed this success to its enhanced monitoring measures against power theft, which has resulted in one of the lowest ratios in the industry nationwide.

In its official statement, Adani Electricity revealed that it registered a substantial increase in first information reports (FIRs) filed with the local police for power thefts during FY23. The number of FIRs rose to 774, more than double the 391 cases registered in FY22. This proactive approach showcases the company’s commitment to combatting illegal activities and ensuring fair electricity distribution.

To crack down on power theft, Adani Electricity conducted over 18,542 raids during FY23, compared to 10,458 raids in FY22. These efforts have helped expose irregularities amounting to Rs 38.48 crore in FY23, a significant rise from Rs 21.75 crore in the previous year. The company’s dedication to maintaining integrity in the system is further demonstrated by the seizure of 72.25 tonnes of wires and other equipment, aimed at preventing power theft, although slightly less compared to the 73.58 tonnes seized in the previous year.

The impact of power theft on the network is not only detrimental to the distribution company but also to the residents. Adani Electricity highlighted that power theft in certain slum clusters intensifies the demand for electricity, making it challenging to develop new networks due to limited space availability. This overloads the existing network, leading to higher costs for repairs and maintenance, as cables and transformers become more prone to failures.

Addressing the issue, a spokesperson from Adani Electricity acknowledged the presence of widespread power theft in certain areas of the city. The company vows to intensify its efforts to bring down the ratio of power theft even further by implementing robust measures and raising awareness among the public.

Adani Electricity’s success in reducing technical and commercial losses signifies its commitment to providing efficient and reliable power distribution, while also ensuring a fair and sustainable energy ecosystem.

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